Santa Magic Christmas Glasses


A surprise for your eyes!

Our Magic Christmas Glasses have special holographic lenses that miraculously transform Christmas lights into magical figures of stars, snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen and even a gingerbread man!

 Magic Christmas Glasses are a one-of-a-kind holiday favorite – perfect for everyone. 

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Our amazing Magic Christmas Glasses transform Christmas tree lights into Snowmen, Reindeer, Gingerbread Men, a Christmas Star or even magical Snowflakes. If fact, Magic Christmas Glasses transform any point of light into a magical Christmas image.

Magic Christmas Glasses have sold over 10 million pairs in North America and around the world! Contact us to be a part of the world wide success story that is Magic Christmas Glasses.

Listen for the “WOW!” every time someone tries them on for the first time.

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Magic Christmas Glasses are 100% Magical

Star Magic Christmas Glasses

Christmas Star

Always a crowd pleaser, have all your Christmas lights sparkle extra as they appear to be Christmas Stars.

Snowman Magic Christmas Glasses

Snow Man

Our magic Snow man will delight young and old!

Snow Flake Magic Christmas Glasses

Snow flake

Our personal favorite, this Magic Christmas Glasses will put smiles on everyone faces this holiday season.

Reindeer Magic Christmas Glasses


Let Rudolph the red nose reindeer twinkle and sparkle all over your Christmas tree.

Ginger Bread Man

Get your taste buds ready for this one kiddies! Have a yummy Ginger Bread Man on every Christmas Light you look at.

The kids were amazed with the effects of the glasses, they couldn’t believe it.

They would be great for the festive season, a great family activity. Some family friends came around for a visit and they had never heard or seen them before and were just as amazed as our kids. They would be a great stocking filler present at Christmas time. Our favorite was the snowman and reindeer.

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The kids will love these glasses! I set up the lights, gave them a set of glasses each and they spent the next hour amazed and entertained by what they could see.

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